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Sean Hannity Calls Leonardo DiCaprio a Hypocrite. Spouts Anti-Global Warming Blather

Reported by Marie Therese - August 7, 2007 -

On Sunday night (August 5, 2007) during Hannity's America host Sean Hannity interviewed Nadia Connors and Leila Connors Petersen, co-directors of the upcoming environmental feature film documentary The 11th Hour, produced by actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. Corporate shill Sean Hannity was so completely outclassed by the two sisters, he was finally reduced to making his usual lame argument about jet planes, even though the sisters explained much earlier that DiCaprio usually flies commercial. With video.

Hannity started off by referring to "The 11th Hour" as an "hysteria film>" He acknowledged that he'd heard "good things" about Leonard DiCaprio as a person, then launched into his typical anti-global warming message. When leila Petersen said that we are at a crossroads, that humanity must act now because "the options that remain to us will be fewer and fewer" as the effects of our own activities begin to impinge on the resources of the earth.

Hannity dismissed this by saying that there is "significant disagreement" by a group of "very credible" scientists.

(Note: Hannity exaggerated here. There is a small, vocal, group of scientists, many of whom are not climatologists and are heavily funded by corporate interests, who have raised objections to the idea that the planet is warming. They represent a tiny sliver of the preponderance of climate experts and scientists who believe the evidence is incontrovertible that we are poised for disaster unless we do something quickly.)

He later countered Nadia Connors' arguments by giving false figures about the amount of oil in ANWR. He claimed that there is sufficient oil for thirty years.However, every report I've read says that geologists aren't actually sure just how much oil is down there, but most estimate that after we spend five years drilling we might have a ten-year supply of oil. Unfortunately, Hannity doesn't bother his pretty-boy head with such niceties! (Smile for the camera, Sean, smile for the camera!)

He added that "we have oil shale reserves" and postulated that "we could drill off the coasts of Florida, California" and build more refineries and nuclear plants. Leila Petersen responded by pointing out that "the era of cheap oil is over, shale is very hard to extract, it's very expensive." She went on to say that they were concerned about "long-term human survival."

Hannity pretended to agree with them and outlined "his" two-tier plan for energy independence, namely, "in the short term we drill in ANWR, we build refineries, we use nuclear power. In the long term we work with corporations and capitalists - you know those people who want a profit - and we develop the new technologies that will be the future."

Petersen pointed out that "we have technologies now - we don't have to wait for solar or wind to come on line."

Hannity naturally dragged out the Cape Cod windmill fight in which wealthy residents like Robert Kennedy are vehemently protesting the construction of a wind power array in the ocean.

He went on to call DiCaprio the "Lear jet limousine liberal," and excoriated the actor for daring to fly in private jets. (Note: Whenever it suits his purposes, Hannity objects to what he sees as the Democrats' use of class warfare to further their goals. However, on Sunday he seemed more than willing to stir up a little class warfare when it suited his own agenda!)

Even though the two sisters were quick to note that DiCaprio usually flies commercial, he persisted in his fallacy. By the end of the interview all he had to offer was his usual mantra, opining that because DiCaprio occasionally flies on a private jet, no one should listen to what he has to say.

What a silly man ....