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In Debate Analysis, Hannity Gets Far More Time Than Colmes

Reported by Ellen - August 7, 2007 -

Last night’s (8/6/07) Hannity & Colmes devoted a double segment to analyzing the Republican presidential candidates’ debate of the day before. The sole guest was Republican pollster Frank Luntz, once again presented as a neutral party. In each part, Alan Colmes got far less time to speak with Luntz than Sean Hannity did. With video.

In Part 1, Hannity got more than three minutes of airtime in the discussion while Colmes got less than one. In Part 2, Colmes again had less than a minute to query Luntz while Hannity got about two and a half minutes.

Much was made of Romney’s “humorous” jab at Obama but nobody noted, as Media Matters has, that Giuliani and Romney essentially agreed with the substance of the comment being ridiculed.

Do you think Colmes will get the lion’s share of airtime for the next discussion about a Democratic debate? Don’t hold your breath.