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Bill O'Reilly Does Another Absurd Report Bashing Gays and San Diego

Reported by Deborah - August 7, 2007 -

Last month Bill O'Reilly was so shocked and dismayed that gay adults and straight families "comingled" at a San Diego Padres game, he devoted his Top Story segment to the ridiculous story. Tonight he revisited San Diego for some more gay bashing but this report was even more absurd. 8/7/07

A San Diego Fire Fighter, John Ghiotto, appeared with his lawyer, of course, to discuss his lawsuit against San Diego because he was forced to drive his fire engine in San Diego's Gay Pride Parade. Ghiotto claimed that participation is usually voluntary so he always makes sure to work the day before or after the parade. This year, however, the scheduled driver backed out and the Fire Chief forced Ghiotto to drive the engine in the parade.

O'Reilly was all supportive acting shocked that poor Ghiotto would be forced to endure such an indignity especially since his boss is a woman. BOR urged Ghiotto to share the details of his ordeal. Ghiotto, sounding like a whiny little boy, complained that onlookers yelled suggestive things to him that he found offensive and last year they squirted water at the truck but it may not have been water. O'Reilly tried to get some more details to fuel his audience's moral outrage but that's all Ghiotto had for him.

O'Reilly switched to the lawyer and they lamented San Diego's recent moral decline. First the Boy Scouts were banned for discriminating against Gays and then the Padres let children and gay men sit in the same stadium. Now a big strong, he-man fire fighter was forced to drive by people making suggestive comments and gestures.

However, there's more to this story. Although Ghiotto was disturbed by the sexual behavior supposedly evident at the parade, he was more upset by the Christian protesters yelling at him since he is also a Christian. This was included in the legal complaint but never mentioned by O'Reilly on his show. Complaint

comment: O'Reilly's distortion of the story also distorted Ghiotto. Knowing about the Christian protesters attacking Ghiotto's religious convictions makes it easier for me to understand Ghiotto's extreme reaction to the experience. However, it doesn't change the fact that this was a purely homophobic, gay bashing segment and John Ghiotto is a public servant who has an obvious problem with a large portion of the public he serves.