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Michelle Malkin Continues Obama Feeding Frenzy On The O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - August 6, 2007 -

Michelle Malkin, subbing again and again for O'Reilly, was more than happy to give Lt. Col. Ralph Peters an unobstructed opportunity to rip Barack Obama to shreds on Friday's O'Reilly Factor, 8/3/07. Because Peters was supposedly plugging his book, Wars Of Blood And Faith, which really wasn't discussed, there was no attempt made to appear fair and balanced so nobody was on hand to defend Obama. Tonight, 8/6/07, Malkin continued the Obama assault but this time the FOX idea of balance, two against one was in play.

During Friday's Obama lashing session, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters did most of the bad mouthing. Malkin just sat back and let the damage be done just like O'Reilly does when she plays mouthpiece for him. Here are some of Peters comments from Friday.

'I don't want this guy near the White House for eight to ten years"

"He helped the last great man in the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton."

"Obama's High School didn't teach geography."

" He doesn't even understand that the people who wear our uniforms are people, are human beings."

" I almost pity him" He's pathetic."

Peters' voice was filled with hate and disgust for Barack Obama that vile monster and Malkin gave him free reign.

Tonight Michael Brown and Carrie Lukas joined Malkin to discuss the flag burning riots that supposedly were caused by Obama's comment. Viewers were shown a clip of burning flags in a crowd which looked mighty familiar to so many we've seen before. This one had a sign in the background , " Dath To Obama." There really wasn't much to say about this overblown story so Michael Brown claimed it was " just politics" while Malkin and Lukas said it was oh so bad and the people really cared and blah blah blah.

The segment ended with praise for Hillary Clinton's political skills enabling her to appeal to both the left and center of her party and gain a 22 point lead over Obama. Malkin announced with certainty that his strategy just isn't working.