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Another so-called Democratic strategist in lock-step with the right wing

Reported by Chrish - August 6, 2007 -

I've never heard of her before, but self-proclaimed "Democratic Strategist" Julie Roginsky is going straight to the dog house for her fawning agreement with Michelle Malkin that John Edwards is a hypocrite. Malkin, subbing for O'Reilly Friday 8/3/07, propagated the New York Post's smear of Edwards as punishment for his urging other Democratic presidential hopefuls to not take campaign contributions from News Corp. or FOX News, or their executives.
With video. (Watch to the very end.)

Edwards is being labeled a hypocrite by the Post (one of Murdoch's holdings) because in a statement against media consolidation, he asked his colleagues to distance themselves from FOX and News Corp by declining and/or returning campaign contributions, yet he published a book, "Home," through another News Corp. holding, HarperCollins.

Ignoring the glaring difference between accepting a campaign contribution and being paid for publishing a book, Roginsky, who apparently did no research on the topic before her appearance, said "I think hell is freezing over because you and I have actually found something that we agree on. You know, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

Another incoherent gem: "Because when you're running for president, you're obviously running for the highest office in the land. It's a serious office. Clearly, the most serious office you can run for. So you should run a serious campaign." (Quick, who does that remind you of?)

And this exchange:

MM: Why haven't we heard from any other Democratic candidates about this?

JR: Because you guys are doing such a good job of tearing him apart. They could just sit back and relax. Why do they need to say anything? You're — you know, you're basically taking the hit for them. And so obviously, they don't need to say anything themselves about it.

MM: That's true. You did a pretty good job of it yourself, Julie.

JR: Oh, thank you. For once, you and I agree.

THIS is the kind of idiotic "Democratic strategists" FOX brings on to bolster their false claim of "fair and balanced," when anyone with the Google could have responded to Malkin:

Comparing publishing a book to accepting campaign contributions is apples and oranges. And the kicker is that Edwards donated the proceeds (after he paid expenses and taxes on the income) to charity.
Presidential candidates' financial disclosures
Posted by Sonja Meyer Duntley May 17, 2007 12:43AM

Summaries of financial disclosure reports, for the past 16 months, filed with the Federal Election Commission and the Senate...

"...He also received $333,334 in proceeds form his book "Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives." He donated the royalties to charities, including the International Rescue Committee and Habitat for Humanity."

Why, that's even reported at FOXNews.com: "

"Edwards also received $333,334 in royalties for his book "Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives." The money was donated to charity."

And as further evidence of their general anti-Democratic and extreme anti-Edwards bent, recall that this same article was the basis for another Edwards' smear in May, when they attacked him for accepting speaking fees while ignoring Republican Rudy Giuliani's higher fees.

This kind of biased, partisan hackery is exactly what Edwards is talking about.