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Just When You Think That Julie Banderas Gets It – Think Again

Reported by Chrish - August 5, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

Not surprisingly, Julie Banderas had the “CEO of illegal crime” story in the first 15 minutes of last night’s Big Story (August 4th). Showing a whole lotta leg, (Big Story is really “E”ntertainment) she and Laura Ingles discussed Pablo Castro, an illegal immigrant and convicted felon who was deported and now has returned to recruit other illegals (picks them up at Home Depots) to burglarize homes in affluent areas “up and down the east coast.” (Comment: according to America’s Most Wanted, Castro is wanted for a string of burglaries on Long Island.)

Later, during the Big Justice segment, Banderas discussed the plight of two Florida teenagers, Juan and Alex Gomez, who are scheduled to be deported to their native Columbia along with their parents. Both Juan and his brother have been living in this country since they were babies. Their teenage friends have mounted a campaign to petition congress to stop the deportation. While Banderas described the situation, the chyron read “two teenagers tyring to change immigration law.” (Comment: no, they are not trying to change the law, but rather have a law passed which will affect only their status). Film clips were shown of the teens and their peer group talking to a woman whom I recognized as Florida Republican Ileana Ross-Lehtinen, but who was not identified by Banderas. The Miami Herald reports that Congresswoman Ross-Lehtinen supports the teens and has given President Bush a letter about their predicament, but she is not optimistic about their success as only very few of these private bills have ever passed. (Comment: Banderas didn’t provide us with this detail). Also not mentioned by Banderas is that the parents did apply for status but were denied. As noted by Banderas, the petition was not acted on by the congress before they recessed and as the parents have only a 45 stay on their immigration appeal, this will leave the congress with very little time to consider the issue in September.

Banderas then discussed the question of whether this case “will have an impact on immigrant law” with David Drucker from Roll Call and “Ala” who has a blog called Blonde Sagacity. (Comment: Ala, right wing to say the least, is a fan of Tom Tancredo and supports his position of bombing Islamic holy sites. On her site she said that she loved that Fox sent a car to pick her up and provided her with a “fantastic” make up person.)

Banderas showed sympathy for the plight of the boys when she said that “no matter how you feel about immigration, it’s hard not to feel sorry. They pay the price for their parents.” Drucker said that this special bill won’t change the current polarization of positions on immigration. Ala then responded by saying “yeah, Julie. I’m actually kinda, um, wondering what change in the law for two people would say to the rest of the people. Are we saying that these are the only two illegals who are smart and savvy enough to stay in this country. So, um, I just think, um, that this is kind of a diversion (Comment: This one makes Banderas sound like a Rhodes Scholar!)

To her credit, Banderas again showed some sympathy when she discussed how illegal immigration breaks up families and asked if there should be legislation to back up families. Drucker pointed out that this is an explosive issue where there seems to be no agreement. Ala then launched into a homily about how we are in the middle of a war on terror and radical Islam and that this isn’t about hatred towards one race. She noted that since 2001 over 100,000 have crossed the Mexican border from states that sponser terrorism and Zarqawi said he was going to use the Mexican border to bring people over. According to Ala, Time Magazine reported that nuclear weapons are coming across the border. While she felt sorry for the boys, Ala feels that this is really about bigger terror issues.

But as Fox wants to reinforce the evil nature of illegal immigration, Banderas went full circle when she said “you pass a bill for these two boys; but what does it say for the others such as this guy who has been breaking laws left and right?” (Comment: these kids aren’t career criminals!)

Comment: The issue of the Florida boys is a “big story,” as it does speak to the greater issue of how hard working illegals are affected by immigration laws. The Miami Herald has done an excellent job reporting on it. The story would have been better served if Banderas had interviewed those, pro and con, who are part of the Florida community where this is taking place. While Drucker was fine, “Ala” (with a big cross over her cleavage which went down to the chyron line) didn’t add anything except bizarre “facts.” If the Big Story wants to interview somebody with one name, how bout Borat? At least he’d be amusing.