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FOX's Beltway Boys Blame Democrats For Unsafe Highways

Reported by Deborah - August 5, 2007 -

If you want to know how badly the Democrats are doing each week, just turn on the Beltway Boys. Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes are harsh critics of the " blame game" unless of course it's the Democrats getting the blame. Oh sure, Kondracke defends the Democrats occasionally but usually the defense is low key and apologetic while Barnes looks on with quiet tolerance. Yesterday ,8/04/07, Democrats and "their" environmentalists were blamed for our unsafe bridges and highways.

According to The Boys, there's been an "orgy of accusations" about the lack of funding available for infrastructure repair compromising our safety. Although Barnes admitted "small government Conservatives" aren't anxious to spend the necessary money, he decided to put the blame on environmentalists.
" Environmentalists who hate cars, bridges and asphalt need to get out of the way,"

This got a rise out of Kondracke telling Barnes that Bush is " ready to veto the highway bill because he wants to save his tax cuts." Then in the next minute he seemed to regret his outburst telling Barnes, "The Democrats need to get their environmentalists under control."
After plugging the merits of private toll roads, Barnes left viewers with this message.
" I'm for raising money for highways as long as the money isn't used for bike paths"