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Fox Careless About Informing Viewers That Steve Forbes Works for the Giuliani Campaign

Reported by Melanie - August 5, 2007 -

Steve Forbes, the owner of Forbes magazine, is a regular guest on Fox's Saturday morning "business news" show, Forbes on Fox. Forbes is also a national co-chair and senior policy advisor to the Giuliani campaign, yet that isn't always made clear to Fox's audience.

During the opening segment yesterday (August 4, 2007), Forbes participated in a roundtable discussion about whether the U.S. stock market is "still the best in the world." He said, "This is the time to actually go in... Yes, we have problems, Sarbanes-Oxley. We have trial lawyers, taxes and the like, but the fundamentals are strong."

Forbes' reference to "trial lawyers" and "taxes" is an obvious stab at John Edwards, yet it wasn't until 22 minutes in that host David Asman pointed out that Forbes has a "horse in this race," and that "Rudy Giuliani is your guy." Still, identifying Giuliani as Forbes' "guy" is a far cry from informing the audience that Forbes is a national co-chair and senior policy advisor to the campaign itself.

From now on, Fox should come clean at the top of this show, and every show Forbes appears on, about Forbes' connection to Giuliani. His digs at Democrats are more than personal opinion - Forbes has a vested interest in seeing Giuliani win the presidency and he's actively working toward that goal even when he's on Fox.