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O'Malkin dismisses reasonable conclusions as "rants" and 'talking points"

Reported by Chrish - August 4, 2007 -

Say you have a news channel that you like to call "fair and balanced," indicating people of all different viewpoints get a platform, and you have a star who claims to be "independent" and free of spin. Say that star works a four-day week in summer (just like you folks, right?) and has substitute hosts every Friday. One could reasonably expect the guest hosts to represent similarly fair, balanced, and independent principles. Well, in a way, they do - far-right shrew Michelle Malkin has been the sub for O'Reilly 3 out of the past 4 Fridays (Republican John Kasich had the gig 7/14). Last night 8/3/07 she was busily dispensing scorn on people who rue the money spent in Iraq that could be being spent here.

Malkin's Talking Points Memo accused liberals of playing the "blame game" immediately following the Minneapolis bridge collapse. She didn't need to look further than her own website, where a poster was complaining less than three hours after the collapse that the Department of Homeland Security was too hasty in declaring it was not an act of terrorism:

"So that is ridiculous to for the Department of Homeland Security to already declare that this was not terrorist related. It could very well be sabotage. Minneapolis has a very large and growing Muslim population."

Malkin targeted DailyKos first off, for the comment "We spend billions in Iraq while we fall apart at home."

She said "similar anti-war rants clogged other Bush-bashing Internet forums." Rant? Are you kidding??

But it wasn't just anonymous commenters: Air America's Randi Rhodes "railed":

"...so here we are, wasting a trillion dollars in Iraq, protecting that lie at all costs, right? Wiretapping our own citizenry so nobody gets too uppity about that whole trillion being spent. And it takes like a quarter of that to repair our infrastructure and nothing's being spent... The bridge collapse is the result os wasting a trillion dollars in Iraq."

And Malkin said CNN's Jack Cafferty "slavishly regurgitated the same talking points":

"In light of the Minnesota bridge collapse, how could the US better spend the 2 billion dollars a week that we're pouring into Iraq, here at home."

When asked how to find money for bridge repair, Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) "puffed" that he would, quote, end the war in Iraq, unquote.

This brings Malkin to hiss that "the leftists have lost their headssss" and turns into the "Excuse Game." Infrastructure problems have been around long before Bush took office, and long before the invasion of Iraq. It's a bipartisan failure that needs bipartisan fixing. So, where are all the Democrat leaders who will condemn the "poisonous Kosification" of public discourse in a time of crisis? They're all at the YearlyKos convention, pandering to the leftissstssss.

Comment: Horrors, people are saying aloud that we're spending it over there so we can't spend it over here. If we give the rich more tax breaks, we'll be able to do it all!

She is one to talk about rants; what a hypocrite. Yeah, perfect sub for BillO.