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"No bloviating" tee shirts made in El Salvador

Reported by Chrish - August 4, 2007 -

But with good reason! Emailer Bill Green (damn Vermonter) wrote to Bill O'Reilly (7/31/07) to say "Bill, I was about to buy a 'No Bloviating' t-shirt but noticed that they are made in El Salvador."

O'Reilly had a ready answer for him: "...In order to get thousands of shirts that we needed quickly, we had to go out of the country. Most of the Billoreilly.com stuff is made in the USA, but it's tough to get quality shirts made here fast."

That sounds suspiciously like America-hating or blaming-America to me.

They must have also needed a rush on thousands of Culture Warrior tees, because they're from El Salvador too. And no-one wants to wait for their BillO'Reilly polo shirts, keychains, travel mugs and those Keep it pithy pens he's been hawking - overnighted from China. Your No Spin tote bag will be here in a jiffy, from India. And your No Spin woman's tee will be ready as soon as the laborers in Honduras assemble them.

From the website:


Supporting the US economy is important to Bill O'Reilly and all of us at BillOReilly.com. Therefore, it is always our first choice to offer merchandise made in the USA of 100% USA-made materials. In this age of globalization however, it can be impossible to find, or prohibitively expensive to carry, certain products that are 100% USA-made. As a result, when there is a demand for a product and that demand cannot be met by a 100% USA-made product, BillOReilly.com will purchase from a supplier that can meet our standards of quality. In those limited instances, we will clearly label such products so you can make your own informed purchase decision.

Why even bother with this disclaimer, when nearly half the merchandise is imported? More posturing and flag-waving, but the almighty buck prevails again over principle.