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Ignorant Sean Hannity Misrepresents DailyKos Post, Can’t Even Pronounce The Name Correctly, But Attacks Anyway

Reported by Ellen - August 4, 2007 -

At the end of an August 3, 2007 Hannity & Colmes discussion with Congressmen Brian Bilbray (R-Ca) and Anthony Weiner (D-NY) over the disputed agricultural spending bill vote, Sean Hannity evidently thought he’d found a new way to attack Democrats – by trying to smear the YearlyKos convention where many of the top names are to be found this weekend. So intent was he on smearing that he didn’t bother to check any of his facts, all of which were either wrong or misrepresented. With video.

“I think this is more evidence or further evidence that your Party is being co-opted by the extreme left-wing,” Hannity began with a straight face. “Let me give you an example,” Hannity said in his bullyboy voice. “Tomorrow, all the presidential candidates are going to be at the Daily Kos convention. Now, the founder of the Daily Kos is a guy by the name of Markos Molitos.” In fact, it’s the YearlyKos conference which is produced by Bloggerpower, not the DailyKos, its founder Markos Moulitsas (Hannity got his name wrong, too) nor Kos Media. Furthermore, it’s pronounced “Kose,” (rhymes with "those") not “Koss,” as Hannity pronounced it.

Hannity went on with the misrepresentations. “Markos Molitos (sic) said, about four Americans that were killed in Iraq, he called them mercenaries. And he said ‘Screw them’ after they were killed.” Well, Hannity managed to get one thing right: Moulitsas did say that. But Hannity conveniently or negligently overlooked the fact that Moulitsas apologized for and retracted that comment in a heartfelt post a few days later. That was more than three years ago.

Hannity continued, counting off on his sausage-like fingers. “Do you not think that it is inappropriate for (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards) to be at such a convention when that guy makes those kind of statements?”

Weiner was not the least bit thrown by the question. He told Hannity that the internet is a democratizing venue, that he just didn’t get it, that Democrats do and that’s why Clinton has been able to raise so much more money than Republicans.

Hannity was clearly frustrated that his gotcha question never got Weiner. So, with theatrical exasperation he cried, “This is the leader! This is the organizer!” Wrong again, Bullyboy!

I just wish Weiner had turned the question around and asked Hannity why, if he’s so sensitive about the language describing fallen Americans, he didn’t mind Ann Coulter sliming the 9/11 widows or any of the other streams of hate that he cordially welcomes and encourages nearly every night on his show.

If you'd like to contact Hannity and FOX News and let them know that real journalism includes real facts, you can reach them at hannity@foxnews.com or comments@foxnews.com.