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Big Story keeping rift between Sheehan and Democrats in the news

Reported by Chrish - August 4, 2007 -

Even though it's been several weeks since Cindy Sheehan announced that unless Speaker Pelosi begins impeachment proceddings against Bush, she will run against her in 2008, the story was reported today 8/3/07 on The Big Story as if it were news. Radio host Griff Jenkins, a frequent contributor on The Big Story, narrated the story with relish.

The relationship between Cindy Sheehan and Democrats, liberals, the anti-war movement, and activism organizations like MoveOn.org has been consistently misrepresented on FOX. They've portrayed her as a spokesperson for tsome and a pawn of others, disregarding her free will and the shared point of view of other adults.

Gibson characterized her challenge to Pelosi as "waging war on her (left-wing) supporters," yet Jenkins said she had been a "willing pawn for the Democrats," and didn't think that anyone in the Democrat (sic) party expected this in return.

Jenkins report said that she has her sights set on someone other than Bush, and has committed an "unforgivable offense" by moving to San Francisco and challenging "a Democrat (sic) icon," Pelosi.

Sheehan is supposed to announce her plans on Thursday before heading to the mIddle East (Jordan, Syria, and Iraq). Jenkins put her "odds" of ever winning a seat in the US Congress at .25% to 1% but said you never know - it is San Francisco. He thinks she may have bitten off more than she can chew at this point, and he and Gibson shared a sly smile at that.

Comment: Keep in mind that there is nothing of any news value in this segment. (I know, it's The Big Story. Even they had to take a few breaks from bridge coverage.) Anything that even remotely resembles discord or disagreement within the DemocratIC Party is played up on FOX, while Republican disunity, it appears, never occurs. This plays into the image of bumbling, chaotic disorganized Democrats as opposed to organized, principled, unconfused Republicans.