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Framing the hate debate

Reported by Chrish - August 3, 2007 -

Discussing his pre-recorded, edited discussion with Senator Chris Dodd shown earlier in the program 8/2/07, Bill O'Reilly, Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall were in harmonic contempt of free speech that they declare has gone too far, and blame the Internets.
With video.

O'Reilly said that according to the SPLC, groups based on hate ("that vile emotion") have risen 33% since 2000. Hmm, what happened in 2000 that might have stirred so much anger and resentment? O'Reilly blames it on the Internets, where haters can join together in anonymous hatred. The media is largely ignoring it (much like they ignored the paranoics' "War on Christmas") and, as O'Reilly has "proven" (i.e. accused) , many politicians are enabling the hatred.

Unfortunately Professor Jane Hall has accepted O'Reilly's and Goldberg's frame of "hate" as a unifying theme of the DailyKos, the "farleft," the anti-war movement, and others whose ideologies differ from O'Reilly's. "Hate thought" and "hate rhetoric" are being turned into action (O'Reilly at this point ran video of protester's running on stage with banners at Columbia University and a run-by pie-ing that hit George Soros) and fears it will culminate in murder - pretty big leap, if you ask me.

Goldberg shared his fears and also blamed the Internet - "any dork with a computer and a modem, any nerd who can't get a date" can have a world-wide audience. He cited Wikipedia as an unexpected source of "hate" because someone posted false things about him, which one couldn't do in the New York Times (interesting choice!) or on TV (has he not been paying attention to O'Reilly's nightly slanders?)

Oh, wait! O'Reilly does it again in the next sentence:

"Bernie, I gotta break it to ya. You can get away with it - our competitors at NBC, on the cable networks do it every night. You can get away with it at the New York Times - two words: Frank Rich."

Disagree with or criticize O'Reilly and it's hate speech, but him slandering you is just an "expose." Sheesh.

O'Reilly mostly overtalked Jane Hall's take on things, although he could have let her talk as she largely agreed with him. Ironically, as she was decrying hate speech, video played of another run-by pie-ing and who should appear but Ann Coulter. In even greater irony, there she appeared with Bill O'Reilly, berating people who profit from and make careers of hate directed at the opposition party.

O'Reilly proposed new civil laws to allow him (and Hall and Goldberg) to sue people who defame them (methinks Mike Stark has hit a nerve with his over-the-top stunt the other day) and would even extend it to verbal bullying leveled at kids. He hopes Americans will "repel" these "new" tactics, unlike Senator Dodd and the other Democrats attending YearlyKos.

Bill O'Reilly is the only "journalist" who nightly calls for the suppression of free speech,in all its forms, yet he calls himself a champion of "the folks." Maybe he likes "the folks" but he sure seems to hate "We the People."

And Ms. Hall - please stop debasing yourself by appearing on this program.