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Neil Cavuto Didn't Have Time for Business but he Did Have Time for Terror

Reported by Melanie - August 2, 2007 -

Fox's alleged "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, devoted his entire show to the bridge collapse in Minneapolis today. 51 minutes in (get the gist as to Fox's priorities?), he gave a lame excuse as to why, but despite his decision to all but ignore business news, he did find time to terrorize his audience.

(August 2, 2007)

15 minutes in (Again, get the gist as to Fox's priorities?), Cavuto introduced Mike Evans, a fairly regular guest and the author of, "The Final Move Beyond Iraq: The Final Solution While the World Sleeps." (ArmageddonBooks reviewed it: "[W]hy radical Islamic terrorists will only step back when they fear us, why victory in Iraq is important to U.S. security, why the United States and Israel cannot sit idly by and let Iran achieve its desire for nuclear weapons, and why stabilization in Iraq now would sound defeat rather than victory.")

Cavuto introduced Evans with: "My next guest says people were shouting for joy, SHOUTING FOR JOY!, in places like Iran and Syria, repeating over and over again 'Allah collapsed the bridge!' This is a story you won't, unfortunately, hear anywhere else."

Evans didn't explain (nor did Cavuto ask) how he came to "know" that Muslims were "SHOUTING FOR JOY" over the collapse, but he did say: "The Muslims are fundamentally a peaceful people but in radical Islam, they see this as the will of Allah...as Allah doing this, collapsing the bridge. Allah, in essence, attacking America. It's their mindset, the way they think about things." He said, "It motivates and emboldens them. Actually, this probably will have more incentive in their mind to attack America than the surge because they see God doing it for them. Of course, it's the radial element, but it's a recruiting tool. They'll use this as a recruiting tool."

Cavuto wrapped up with: "Indeed. Someone sick has to do something sick."

Comment: "It's their mindset...it motivates and emboldens them...it's the radical element?" Indeed.