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Hannity's Freedom Concert/Conservative Republican Lovefest

Reported by Ellen - August 2, 2007 -

Guest Blogged by Ann T. Nette

I was one of many people who received free tickets to the Freedom Concert. So on July 26, I jetted down to the Coors Amphitheater in Chula Vista, not San Diego.

I arrived early at the amphitheater and decided to explore the scene. From a distance, I saw a few people waiting in line for the gates to open. As I moved closer to the amphitheater’s entrance, I trained my eyes on the people in line. A majority of them were white, middle-aged and older, dressed in summer attire. Some were current or retired military personnel, others were family members of military personnel currently serving in Middle East.

The gates finally opened and the crowd headed toward vendor booths hawking conservative and patriotic-themed products and services such as online news, employment for military personnel, books, motorcycles, etc. I caught Ronald Reagan’s fall guy Oliver North signing his book for his “fans” at the event. The Republican Party booth was onsite to recruit future members to the party. I quickly realized that I was at a Conservative Republican Lovefest.

Local supporters of Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani were busy passing out pamphlets about their candidate, before being kicked out of the amphitheater by security guards. According to the guards, this was a “non-political event” and passing out pamphlets was a no-no. I guess someone forgot to inform soon-to-be presidential candidate Fred Thompson and presidential wanna-be Duncan Hunter. These two were personally invited by Hannity.

Fox News had a secured setup area for a live broadcast of Hannity and Colmes. Hannity’s rabid fans lined along the gated set to get a glimpse of their favorite neocon.

Loud cheers erupted from the crowd when they spotted Hannity emerging from a backstage area. Hannity, wearing the usual blue jeans, black boots, black shirt and black coat, greeted the crowd as he entered the set.

In person, Hannity looked much older than 45. I noticed a large number of gray streaks in his coarse black hair, and the number of “age lines” across his face (probably from so much traveling and lack of sleep). He also gained a lot of weight (too many cheeseburgers, I bet).

At the concert, Hannity stood on stage greeting his flag-waving, cheering fans. He said a few propaganda remarks to the audience and quickly left the stage.

During the concert, Hannity invited his fellow neocon radio talk show buddies Mark Levin and Rick Roberts on stage. These three neocons began bashing liberals before a delighted audience. At one point, Levin made a public sexist comment about presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton’s thighs. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also was targeted as well.

Levin, a loudmouth, New York gutter rat, should look in the mirror. He is no prince charming. Any woman who wants this short overweight rodent has to be very desperate. Get off the stage you big dope!

At the end of the show, country duo Montgomery Gentry joined with Hannity in singing a song. Thank goodness I wore ear plugs because Hannity can’t sing. He couldn’t sing his way out of a black hole in space. If there were coyotes near the amphitheater, they were scared off by Hannity’s screeching vocal chords.

I was glad to leave this Conservative Republican Lovefest.