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Grapevine Whine - Hume Hits Trifecta

Reported by Nancy - August 2, 2007 -

Credit where credit is due: Brit Hume usually manages to retain his composure, no matter the topic he's reporting. But sometimes ... ah, sometimes even Hume must salivate, & the pickings on Wednesday night's Grapevine (8/1) were rich with potential.

Here's picking #3:

Mexico is urging the US to change its plans for expanded border fences because it feels they will damage the environment. Mexico's environment secretary says the barrier will place shared ecosystems at risk & threaten migratory species accustomed to roaming freely across the border. A Mexican government report says the use of lights & sonar could affect nocturnal species. Mexico suggests establishing what it calls "green corridors" without roads & the use of "live" fences made of cactuses or permeable barriers to allow water, insects & pollen to cross the border. Mexico is threatening to file a complaint with the UN's International Court of Justice if the US does not respond.

Comments: What a bonanza! Five relatively short sentences, a few seconds of air time, & FOX has managed to sneer openly at 1) Mexico; 2) environmentalists; 3) the UN -- not to mention the unneeded sneers at illegal immigrants. Curiously (not!) Hume doesn't point out that there are probably several US-based groups (e.g., Sierra Club) who would support the findings of this Mexican government study. I'm guessing that the only way FOX would report findings like these in a fair & balanced way would be if one of Dick Cheney's favorite hunting targets were among the species endangered.

If you'd like to complain to Fox about this, email: special@foxnews.com

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Special Report, Mexico, environmentalists, the UN). O/T comments & personal attacks on other commenters will be deleted. Thanks.