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Cavuto's "Business News" Show Was Wall-to-Wall Coverage of the Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Reported by Melanie - August 2, 2007 -

And Here's His Excuse

Neil Cavuto, the Managing Editor of "Business News" at the Fox News Channel and the anchor of its "premiere business news" program, exemplified why Wall Street Journal reporters worry that Rupert Murdoch's buyout of their newspaper could spell an end to the excellent reporting of actual business news that they do: Cavuto's "business news" program featured wall-to-wall coverage of the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

Business news, schmisness news. He even found time to air a segment about how Muslims (not Al Qaeda) will use the collapse as a "recruiting tool," which I'll post about later. I mean, he works in a crazy segment like that instead of ah -- hey, it's a "business news" show right? -- working in some business news.

51 minutes into his show, yes, that's 51 minutes in, after a live presser with some Minneapolis police officers, Cavuto said,

For those of you who joined the show at this hour and want to keep an eye on the markets, of course, ah, out of obligation to you and because this is what we do as well, we have kept them [closing numbers] in the lower right portion of your screen so you can see the change in the markets today. We have occasionally updated you on business headlines today* that prompted the big 100 point jump in the markets today. On FoxNews.com you can get the very latest on what was behind the market's advance [see if you can find it] and better than expected reading on jobless figures but we did feel, given the magnitude of this story and the fact that it could really have touched any one of us, there but by the grace of God, we thought that it was compelling enough to give you this full-force.

* As this point, a "Biz Alert" chyron appeared at the bottom of the screen and the audience was "updated on business headlines." Those "business headlines" were:

- The Dow gained 100.96 points today
- Year-to-date: Dow is up 8%
- Past 12 months: Dow is up 20%
- The Nasdaq gained 22.11 points today
- Year-to-date: Nasdaq is up 7%
- The S&P 500 gained 6.39 points today
- Year-to-date: S&P 500 up 4%
- Dow set its all-time high of 14,000 on July 19th
- Fewer people than expected filed weekly unemployment claims
- 1.28% of home mortgages are in foreclosure
- 98.7% of home mortgages are not in foreclosure

Comment: Excuses, excuses. Cavuto's show isn't about business -- "this is what we do as well" -- he never stops pretending. I turned to CNBC two times during the show. The first time they were discussing the unemployment numbers and the second time they were discussion how the subprime mortgage credit crunch is spreading to the far reaches of the economy with potentially devastating effects. But hey, better to numb your brain with 24/7 coverage of that bridge collapse and pictures you've seen over and over again since last night. And aren't those "business headlines" sweet?