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Bill O'Reilly Gets Dennis Miller To Beat Up Chris Dodd For Him

Reported by Deborah - August 2, 2007 -

It looked a lot like 6th grade recess tonight on The O'Reilly Factor, 8/2/07. After the smart kid stands up to the schoolyard bully, he gets one of his groupies to beat him up. So tonight after Senator Chris Dodd, D. Conn., made O'Reilly look weak, dishonest and foolish, BOR put Dennis Miller on for the following segment to get revenge and probably thought nobody would notice.

Miller came in kissin butt telling O'Reilly he's a big fan of The Factor and wouldn't miss it but wondered why he would let a" hack like that get a toe hold". The 'hack" being U.S. Senator Dodd.

Then Miller claimed that O'Reilly's site gets 8 times more traffic than the DailyKos. Miller was off quite a bit on this one. It seems he forgot about Alexa when he made that bogus claim

Then O'Reilly acting like Senator Dodd is just your run of the mill whacko makes this outrageous dig.
" I have to present these guys as best I can. You wouldn"t have even used him?

Then Miller got off on one of his streaming verbal jaunts about Dodd and Kucinich insulting both men. Trying to assure his injured clubhouse buddy, Miller said " This guy had nothing!" He used terms like pandered and tedious and described the YearlyKos as a " loserfest". Now there's a mature comment. O'Reilly was cheered up and joked that he could get Chris Dodd on Miller's radio show and of course Miller made some nasty and forgettable response.

O'Reilly and Miller both have black eyes now while Chris Dodd is doing just fine. Didn't they learn back in 6th grade that bullies never get their way indefinitely. Maybe a few recess detentions are in order.