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O'Reilly self-proclaimed media watchdog

Reported by Chrish - August 1, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly's producers are going to catch hell, as they apparently aired his "Most Ridiculous Item" first, under the "Talking Points Memo" banner tonight 7/31/07. O'Reilly now considers his "looking out for you" persona to be a credible media monitor; talk about the Fox guarding the henhouse!
With video.

O'Reilly made the stunningly hypocritical statement:

"The problem with American jpurnalism today is the blurring of editorial positions with hard news. "

Tonight, he admitted to being a "commentary" program (how does one do commentary without spin? Isn't opinion necessarily a point of view on something?) and said Shepard Smith does "hard news."

The kicker was when he said that there's nothing wrong with NBC News editorializing left,

"but when their liberal views dictate what hard news stories they cover, you (sic) have a problem."

He blames - again - NBC's imaginary low ratings on their imagined left-turn. TVNewser reports that they are a close second behind ABC News (with more than triple O'Reilly's numbers) and are in a dead heat with ABC for year-to-date viewers. (In case anyone besides advertisers and O'Reilly (and a few trolls) gives a rat's patoot about ratings. He's never gotten over being an unpopular youngster.)

In an interesting tell, O'Reilly said that the "liberal strategy" at NBC is hard to comprehend from an economic standpoint, as FOX News is projected to make more money than them next year. Interesting, because he exposes his opinion that news programming should do whatever makes money. Also interesting, as economics is a self-fulfilling science and he appears to be soothing advertisers who may be worried about FOX's waning popularity. Still highest numbers, but falling.

Talking Points said he likes a level playing field," and he'll be watching how ALL the media cover the 2008 election.

Comment: Oh brother. 16 more months of O'Reilly tooting his own horn and demonizing other outlets that don't cover things to his liking - how unprofessional can he get? What a hypocrite.