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NAACP Treated Disrespectfully On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - August 1, 2007 -

Let me start by saying that I like Alan Colmes (most of the time), I've defended him in the past and I'll probably defend him again in the future. But his gratuitously rude and dismissive attitutude toward two very polite and courteous gentlemen from the NAACP who pleaded for restraint toward Michael Vick was quite troubling. With video.

The gentlemen, Minister MIchael Muhammed and Rev. Marcellus Harris, tried to make their case on last night's (7/31/07) Hannity & Colmes. They were given more respect by the once-accused Oliver North, substituting for Sean Hannity, than by Colmes.

As I noted in a previous post, FOX News pays lip service to Vick's innocence as an unconvicted man all the while making a deliberate effort to paint him as a guilty demon. Minister Muhammed agreed with North that dog fighting is a brutal crime but, he added, "It's also brutal to beat on a man without having any evidence being presented in a court of law."

It's a valid point, at least as valid as many far more outrageous arguments that Colmes has cheerfully entertained on the show. Yet Colmes made little attempt to probe Harris' and Muhammed's opinions and mindsets. Disdainfully, he asked, "Is there anything racial about this? Does the color of (Vick's) skin have anything to do with this?"

Harris responded, "We understand race always matters, either overt or subliminal, but we don't want to get into the race thing. We just want to see that justice is done."

With an edge in his voice, Colmes asked, "So why is the NAACP jumping in here?" And instead of exploring that issue, scorned the "group hug" the men initiated in their community and antagonistically hyped the heinous nature of the crime. As he spoke, footage was shown of dogs fighting.

It was a shame because Muhammed and Harris were asking for nothing more than that the public and the media behave more judiciously and less like a lynch mob. It's a point I have heard Colmes make, himself.

And yes, I think race has something to do with it, at least on FOX News. Otherwise why wasn't there anything like the same kind of focus on the details of the David Vitter, Jeff Gannon, Ted Haggard or Mark Foley scandals? They were just as salacious.