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Even Shepard Smith Shows Skepticism On Report About The White House Not Knowing About A Coverup In Pat Tillman's Death

Reported by Donna - August 1, 2007 -

Today on a segment on Studio B with Shepard Smith and Jennifer Griffin they spoke about the investigation into Pat Tillman's death. Several times it was brought up that the Pentagon and the White House said there wasnn't any coiverup.

The headline read 'top military brass says no coverup' in Pat Tillman's death. Even Shepard Smith showed sarcasm in his remakrs about Tillman's death. Both Smith and Griffin were surprised that Rumsfeld showed up today. Smith said he guessed there was some heated talk from Rumsfeld. Griffin said the heated talk came from the Democrats in the form of Congressman Dennis Kucinich. But they said over and over again that the White House had no indication that they didn't know anything about it.

Comments: It's pretty bad when even the Fox News Network has a host (Smith) blatantly being sarcastic about the White House cllaiming that it knew nothing. It's also very strange that the family didn't find out until after the elaborate memorial service when plenty of people had known about it from the beginning.