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Melanie Morgan Accuses American Muslims Of Trying To Enact Sharia Law In US

Reported by Ellen - July 31, 2007 -

FOX News chose hate-monger Melanie Morgan, with a record of anti-Islamic statements, as the sole guest to discuss a sensitive Muslim issue on last night’s (7/30/07) Hannity & Colmes, the arrest of a Pace University student for throwing a Koran in the toilet on two different occasions. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before she used the occasion (with a little egging on by Sean Hannity) to foment hatred and fear of Muslims. It’s hard to believe there was any other purpose to the segment. With video.

Morgan admitted that she had a bias against the Muslim organization, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which was involved in the case, for having tried to get her fired, yet “fair and balanced” FOX News didn’t see the need for a balancing guest. They didn't even see the need to point out Morgan's bias. She admitted it on her own, without any probing from either host.

Even worse, Morgan’s segment came directly after a similar one. In that discussion, the topic was three Arab princesses removed from a British plane for refusing to sit next to men. The sole guest for that discussion was the Muslim-hater Brigitte Gabriel.

As the AP (the wire service used by FOX News) tells it, the Koran incident at Pace “came amid a spate of vandalism cases with religious or racial overtones at the school.” Yet, there was no attempt to present the school’s viewpoint, CAIR’s viewpoint or any of the victims’ viewpoints.

Colmes kept calling the incident of throwing the Koran in the toilet “despicable” but neither he nor anyone else mentioned that treatment of the Koran is a sensitive issue for Muslims, who view the book as a sacred object and mistreating it as an offense against God. Hannity inaptly likened it to using elephant dung to depict the Virgin Mary in a piece of art.

Morgan likewise condemned the desecration of the book (though she, too, did not recognize the difference between it and a desecration of the Bible) but that only cleared the way for her to head straight into an attack on CAIR and then Muslims, in general. “There’s no question (CAIR’s) trying to threaten, intimidate and silence many Americans who express concerns about any number of issues… If this young man had actually burned an American flag, the same people at CAIR and some of these other Islamist organizations would absolutely be cheering.”

Alan Colmes challenged that assertion and Morgan’s other accusations but in a disinterested way, as though they were beside the point. He seemed oddly indifferent to what struck me as a blatant agenda of Muslim-bashing and was more intent on pointing out how he agreed with Morgan and, later, Hannity that the student should not have been charged with a hate crime. That meant all three people in the discussion had the same opinion on the purported subject. How unbalanced can you get?

Hannity, of course, was more interested in vilifying CAIR than he was in hashing out the complexities of what constitutes a hate crime. Counting off on his bullyboy fingers a string of accusations against CAIR for being involved in this case, the flying imams case and “going after” Morgan, Hannity prompted, “You’re saying this is an orchestrated campaign. What do you think’s at the bottom of it?”

Morgan answered, "I think that there is an effort by the (American) Islamists to make it OK in this country for us to submit to Sharia law. I think this is where we are headed."