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Fox News.com Named #2 Top Conservative Political Website

Reported by Melanie - July 31, 2007 -

IntellectualConservative.com has named the Top 100 Conservative Political Websites of 2007. FoxNews.com is second only to the Drudge Report!

So, let's get this straight -- the "fair and balanced news" channel is rated second in the nation for its conservative, political website.

(July 31, 2007)

Here are the top ten:

- Drudge Report

- Fox News

- Wall Street Journal

- New York Post

- WorldNetDaily

- NewsMax

- Boston Herald

- Free Republic

- Town Hall

- U.S. News and World Report

Two of the top ten are so called "news" outlets -- Fox News and the New York Post -- owned by Rupert Murdoch, and he has made a bid for a third, the Wall Street Journal. (And as of 45 minutes ago, here's the latest on that.) We'll say it again, for the umpteenth time: It's time for Fox "News" to come clean and drop the "fair and balanced news" mantra.