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Are Democrats and Republicans Treated Equally On Fox? Nope

Reported by Donna - July 31, 2007 -

A story was run on Studio B today about Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska and an apparent ongoing investigation into possible wrongdoing on construction for his home.

Did Studio B identify Senator Stevens as the Democratic Senator or Republican Senator? No, just as a Senator from Alaska. Later on in the segment there was an offhand remark about him being a Republican but nothing like Fox does when a Demoncrat is being investigated.

Apparently the house he lives in has doubled in size and there are questions regarding where the money came from or how it was handled. It was noted that Stevens was the Senator known for the 'bridge to nowhere.'

Later in the segment Shepard Smith spoke with Major Garrett and mentioned that Stevens was the longest standing Senator in the Senate. This is when Garrett corrected Smith and told him that he wasn't the longest standing Senator in the Senate, he was the longest standing Republican Senator in the Senate. This was the first and only time that it was mentioned that he was a Republican.

Now, if this was a Democrat the lead to the story would have been 'Democratic Senator being inestigated.'

But, as usual we see the unfair and unbalanced ways of Fox.

Comment: Also in their You Decide 2008 segment they spoke only about Rudy Guiliani. No Democrats mentioned again on the fair and balanced network.