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O'Reilly's "shocking" picture from DailyKos - Spoiler

Reported by Chrish - July 30, 2007 -

Damn those leakers at the NYTimes! They had to go and tell everyone what photoshopped nonsense some anonymous commenter posted on a thread on a liberal website and ruin Bill O'Reilly's fun. Oh, no, it wasn't the NYTimes - they're actually reporting NEWS. It was DailyKos, telling on themselves. Warning: it's ridiculous.

So, we've got John Edwards' hair, Barack Obama's middle name, Hillary Clinton's neckline, and now liberal frat-boy jokes. The image on DailyKos is a lot of things: juvenile, crude, disrespectful... but a lot of people find that funny. How else do you explain the success of Adam Sandler movies? O'Reilly wants to "destroy" DailyKos and the Democrats who will speak to them next weekend at YearlyKos but he's just looking petty and censorious.