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Gibson helps paint Democratic candidates as going "far left"

Reported by Chrish - July 30, 2007 -

John Gibson briefly covered the Democratic presidential candidates going to the YearlyKos convention this weekend on The Big Story, using the (required?) label of "far left" to describe the associated DailyKos website and the community. He interviewed Harold Ford, former US Congressman (D-TN) and current chairman of the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) and asked why no presidential candidates were attending their convention.

So before the segment began viewers were told that DK and YK are "far left," the DLC is centrist, and candidates are courting the "far left" this election cycle - where are the centrists?
As usual with Gibson, there was no subtlety. He asked why are the candidates grazing so far off to the left, and why has the DLC fallen out of favor? Ford essentially said that in the primaries both parties reach out to a narrower constituency, but come the general elections they'll be back in the middle trying to reach all Americans.

Just another brick in the wall - another instance of labelling anyone left of center "far-left." Come election time this will be dragged out to remind Republicans how liberal the candidate really is, because if you talk and listen to liberals and treat them like Americans, then, why, you must be a liberal too.