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Cavuto Slams John Edwards in 9th Bashing Segment of the Month

Reported by Melanie - July 30, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto, Fox's alleged "business news" anchor, has been concentrating on the 2008 presidential election this month. On July 5, Carl "Campaign Carl" Cameron did a report on Rudi Giuliani (his liberal social views "make him attractive" in CA and HN; he's "Mr. 9/11"). Also on July 5, Tom Tancredo was on to talk about it being time to tighten restrictions on foreign doctors entering the U.S. On July 10 Cavuto hosted a segment about whether or not David Vitter (R-LA) will be able to rehabilitate himself after visiting a prostitute (the answer was yes).

July 30, 2007

On July 20, Ann Coulter was on to attack Hillary in a segment captioned, "Hillary's Iraq Plan: Reinforces Enemy Propaganda?" That same day, Mike Huckabee made an appearance. His segment was captioned, "Half Baked? On Tax and Spend Democrats."

Rather positive reports for Republicans but it's another thing on Fox when the subject turns to Democrats -- especially that apparently really, really vile Democrat, John Edwards.

On July 2, Michael Barone was on to talk about, "Campaign Cash: Will Most Money 'Buy' the Top Spot." As happens so frequently on Fox, the discussion turned to the "terror issue," as Cavuto called it that day and the chyron changed to, "Impact of Terror Scares on 2008 Campaigns." Barone concluded with, "...[T]he Republican voters do think we face a serious threat, whereas a lot of Democratic voters agree with John Edwards that this is a bumper -- the war on terror is just a bumper sticker slogan."

On July 3, Cavuto's guest was former NYC mayor, Ed Koch in a segment captioned, "Why are Dem Candidates so Quiet About Terror Scares?" In it, Koch endorsed Clinton and said John Edwards is, "finished and a fool."

On July 9, Cavuto hosted a roundtable discussion captioned, "Some Democrats Proposing New Taxes on Wall Street." Fox went to a split screen for most of the segment and predominantly showed video of John Edwards, with a short clip of Hillary Clinton thrown in (you know, add that look of being "fair and balanced"). Roundtable participant Jonathan Hoenig said John Edwards, "...[B]elieves the rich should pay more simply because they have more and that's his Marxist bread and butter."

On July 16 Cavuto had a field day. During a roundtable discussion captioned, "Internet Rally Hotter Than Dow: Is it the Real Deal?" Cavuto has this exchange with Jonathan Hoenig:


You're not seeing the public euphoria that you saw back in '99. I mean, the barbers aren't really talking about tech stocks...


My barber is. Of course, he's John Edwards' barber.

Later in the show, a man named Al Parinello of PreserveTheAmericanDream.com was on for a segment titled: "Self-Made Millionaire: Edwards is Attacking the American Dream." Immediately following (without going to a commercial break), Cavuto hosted Karen Hanretty, a Republican "campaign consultant," and Mark Lamont Hill, a professor at Temple University. Their topic was summarized by the chyron at the bottom of the screen: "Road to One America: Code Word for Socialism?" It aired on the day John Edwards kicked off his "Road to One America" tour through the South. Video of John Edwards was shown during both segments.

Cavuto ended that show with his "Common Sense editorial," titled, "The Quickest Way to Spot a Phony." During the last few seconds, Fox showed video of someone spraying hairspray on John Edwards' hair. My gut reaction was that it was video taken of him preparing to go on television in a green room somewhere but you get the smear point.

On July 18 Steve Forbes -- who is a consultant to the Giuliani campaign -- did the honors in a segment titled, "Will Class Warfare Decide Who Wins the White House?" Again, Fox aired video of John Edwards during the segment.

Between July 18 and today, Cavuto took a break to cheerlead the Dow as it ran up to 14,000 and then crashed down again. Now that things appear to have settled into a "volatile summer," Cavuto is back at it.

Today Cavuto's guest was Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus. Her topic of discussion was, "Edwards Push to Tax the Rich: Will it Push Stocks Over the Edge?" On July 2, immediately after the car bombing at the Glasgow airport, Cavuto opened his show with this chyron: "Dow Soars in Face of UK Terror Plot," and he hosted a roundtable discussion captioned, "Terror Scares Fail to Even Hiccup America's Economy." But, apparently John Edwards is so terrifying that he could put "stocks over the edge."

So, get the picture? For all intents and purposes Cavuto is ignoring the Republican candidates and devoting his time to bringing down John Edwards.