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Outrageous Quote of the Week @ July 28, 2007

Reported by Chrish - July 29, 2007 -

No surprise that last week's winner was Bill O'Reilly's insane smear of thousands of writers and millions of readers at popular liberal website DailyKos:

"This is hate of the worst order. It's like the Ku Klux Klan. It's like the Nazi party. It's no different." [...] "These are people who are wishing people with whom they disagree, ill. That's who they are. That's what they do. That's all they do."

Have a look below the fold for this week's nominees.

Option A: "The vitriol coming from the far-left on the 'net outnumbers the hate from the right by about 10:1." Bill O'Reilly, the self-proclaimed "stats guy," O'Reilly Factor, 7/23/07

Option B: "We've got a good economy right now because right after September 11, when a lot of people said you need to raise taxes and make people sacrifice, the president said no we don't. We need to liberate the American people and cut taxes and it has generated an economic boom that has no peer right now in the industrialized world." Tony Snow on the economy (on a day when the Dow fell 311.50 points), Your World w/Neil Cavuto, 7-24-07

Option C: "Let me point out, that this guy really was a scumbag..."

"What's an 18-year-old, going to college with everything to live for, hanging around with this jerk-off?"

Laurie Dhue and Geraldo Rivera, supposed news professionals, discussing suspect in murder case, The Big Story 7/25/07

Option D: "Bad news for American workers -- the minimum wage just went up." Dagen McDowell, Forbes on Fox, 7/28/07

Option E: "The people who get it through their employers, kind of for free, if you will, are almost -- have an incentive to use more since, ah, since they don't really have to pay."

"The cure is to deregulate the insurance industry completely."

"The premium should be income. It's insane that we, that companies pay these huge premiums and it's not income to the employee. If it was income, then the employee would understand that, you know what, I paid for this and I have some value. Right now, the way we do it, it's a gold Mastercard and you never have to pay the bill."

Gary B. Smith, Scott Bleier, and Tobin Smith, in a discussion about fixing the health care system by giving tax breaks for health insurance premiums; Bulls& Bears, 7/29/07

Option F: "A dangerous tax plan to save social security. Well, right now the cap on income eligible to be taxed for social security is almost $98,000. But some lawmakers, well, they want to raise that cap. Some even want to eliminate it altogether. Jonathan, what would that do to the small business owners? I mean, they have to pay 12.4 percent to their social security taxes."

"It would kill them, Terry, and it would kill the growth this country has enjoyed through the growth of small business. You know, the lawmakers are going to find someone to pay for it. If it's not small business, it'll be big business, rich people, young people, old people, you know they're gonna find the money to keep this Ponzi scheme going. And that's exactly what social security is. The problem with social security IS social security. And I think it should be retired and not kept going any longer.,"

"How exciting! I completely agree with you! Wow!!"

Terry Keenan, host, Jonathan Hoenig, CapitalistPig.com, and Alexis Glick, FNC Director of Business News and "star" of the new FOX Business Network, on topic of social security, Cashin' In, 7/28/07

Option G: "Jane, Jane. That's a lie and I can't let you say a lie on this broadcast." Bill O'Reilly, before cutting the mic of guest Jane Hall, for stating that there had been hateful comments on billoreilly.com that were not representative of his site, which had since been removed. O'Reilly Factor 7/26/07