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New "Star" of FOX Business Network Turns Libertarian, Comes Out Against Social Security

Reported by Marie Therese - July 29, 2007 -

On Saturday's edition of Cashin' In, first time guest Alexis Glick stated twice that she is opposed to the concept of Social Security and would like to see it dismantled. Ordinarily, this would just be another radical statement made by just another very rich libertarian guest on FOX News. However, Glick is not just anybody. She is the new face of the FOX Business Network, the woman whom Neil Cavuto calls its "star." Therefore, her opinion on a matter as vitally important as Social Security takes on far more importance, because it is a clue as to the direction the new channel will take on one of the most important questions that will face Congress in the next ten years. With video.

Here's how the segment started:

TERRY KEENAN, Host: "A dangerous tax plan to save social security. Well, right now the cap on income eligible to be taxed for social security is almost $98,000. But some lawmakers, well, they want to raise that cap. Some even want to eliminate it altogether. Jonathan, what would that do to the small business owners? I mean, they have to pay 12.4 percent to their social security taxes."

JONATHAN HOENIG, CapitalistPig.com: "It would kill them, Terry, and it would kill the growth this country has enjoyed through the growth of small business. You know, the lawmakers are going to find someone to pay for it. If it's not small business, it'll be big business, rich people, young people, old people, you know they're gonna find the money to keep this Ponzi scheme going. And that's exactly what social security is. The problem with social security IS social security. And I think it should be retired and not kept going any longer.,"

ALEXIS GLICK, FNC Director of Business News: "How exciting! I completely agree with you! Wow!!"

Glick went on to say that raising the cap would cripple the ability of 26 million small business to hire and innovate.

Stauart Varney then made it sound like all 26 million small business owners would suddenly have to start paying $3,000 more in taxes every year, which caused Terry Keenan to excitedly state that this would also affect their employees as well.

Jonathan Max Ferris jumped in to correct the record, saying "In my last small business I had 30 employees. Nobody made over a hundred thousand dollars. In fact, 98% of small business employees do not make enough if they raise the cap. As a business owner would I rather see the rate raised or the cap raised? I'd rather see the cap raised, because that's gonna hit big business, hedge funds, banks, people who make a lot of money ..."

Wayne Rogers launched into a diatribe against Congressional poaching of the social security trust fund, the profligate spending and ended by exclaiming that the members of Congress are "all morons and thieves."

Alexis Glick then strongly reiterated her opposition to the whole idea of social security in yet another exchange with Jonathan Hoenig.

HOENIG: "But, Alexis, let's say I could show you a Power Power that said it could be done. Would you then still be in favor of even continuing with social security as a system?"

GLICK: "I'm not."

Stuart Varney got hot under th collar, raving that the Democrats want to "tax you because you're successful and rich and wealthy."

Jonas Max Ferris tried to bring them all back to reality, telling the group that "people aren't going to get rid of it - that's a fantasy - and this is the best way of the worst ways to do it."

Alexis Glick agreed with Varney's assessment that the Democrats are just out to "get" the rich.


Well, at least now we know what to expect from the FOX Business Channel next October - lots of tears for the filthy rich and a kick down the stairs for everyone else.