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FOX: Nothing To See Here, Move On

Reported by Chrish - July 29, 2007 -

NOTE: I forgot to note earlier that this is guest blogged by Priscilla. Apologies!!!

Once again this has been an eventful news week. CNN sponsored a debate with the Democratic candidates for president which was groundbreaking in that the questions were submitted by real Americans via YouTube. During the debate, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama disagreed over an issue involving meeting with world dictators. Alberto Gonzalez, under questioning by the US Senate Judiciary Committee, gave testimony that appeared to contradict the testimony of the FBI director Robert Mueller. John McCain’s campaign is continuing to implode. A general, criticized for misleading investigators into Pat Tillman’s death, might have his pension reduced. Information has surfaced that could possibly indicate that Tillman was murdered by one of his fellow troops. Important stories – ya think? Well, think again because, not surprisingly, these big stories were not covered on yesterday’s Big Story! (July 28th, 2007)

Banderas started with a tease (literally) of an upcoming story on Lindsay Lohan. As Banderas spoke, the left side of the screen showed Lindsay’s face and then moved down Lindsay’s bikini’d body all the way to her alcohol monitoring bracelet. Banderas then previewed a report on the “horrifying deadly crash” of the news helicopters and asked if the driver being chased (screen shot of the man who appears to be a minority) were engaged in aggravated assault and if he should be charged with manslaughter.

The Big Show began and during the first segment, Banderas and Laura Ingle showed some thigh while discussing Michael Vick. Later in the show, Banderas interviewed Bob Barker about Michael Vick. We learned that former star Rebecca Schaeffer’s killer was stabbed 11 times in prison. There was a brief political report, from Julie Kurtz about Bush’s proposed arms deal to “moderate” Arab countries including Saudi Arabia. Now this is a “big story” (ya think?) but not even Bill Kristol was interviewed regarding this issue.

Banderas then had a discussion with Fox financial fave Scott Bleier about the end of mandatory auto insurance in Florida. Scott blamed the insurance companies without mentioning that the Republican controlled legislature was to blame. (Comment: as this is a Florida affair, someone from either the Florida insurance industry or legislature could have appeared. Ya think!) Banderas was outraged and asked why “any state in this country would come up with such a stupid idea.” She added that there are terrible drivers in Florida and that she knows this because she lived there.

Banderas interviewed Bill Press and Hugh Hewitt about whether it is time to do away with NASA. The chyron read “Time to scrap NASA. Sauced in space.” Julie cited all the billions of dollars in NASA’s budget in conjunction with the newest revelations about drunken astronauts. Both Hewitt and Press agreed that NASA is great, but the alcohol issue needs to be addressed. (Comment: has NASA been added to the Fox enemies list?)

The legal panel of Mercedes Colwin, Paul Cullen, and Matthew O’Connor discussed whether the speed chase/helicopter crash driver should face manslaughter charges (while we saw the same footage of the man who was driving). The lawyers basically agreed that the manslaughter charge was ridiculous, but Colwin said that if it went to a jury, they would probably convict. They then went on to discuss whether the passengers in Lindsay Lohan’s car, during the “wild ride,” have a potential lawsuit. While they were speaking, the same full body shot of Lindsay as shown at the beginning of the program appeared

The last segment was a report on a concert being held in Monterey, California to commemorate the famous 1967 concert. Footage was shown of Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones which was notable except for the fact that the Stones didn’t perform at that festival. Banderas asked the reporter if “anyone was seen burning their bras?”

Comment: No wonder the viewers of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have a better understanding of the news!!!!!

NOTE: Guest blogged by Priscilla!!!