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Scandal, tragedy, and guilt: what passes for The Big Story

Reported by Chrish - July 27, 2007 -

Dog day in court, death penalty case, girls gone wild, rape accusations. Football fallout, deadly home invasion, Lindsay's wild ways. Sick over Vick, Campus rape case, Wall Strret worries, fattening friends, Hollywood bad girls. Athletes accused, Nifong apologizes. Vick's dog days, market down, is fat contagious? Wall Street Plunge, Space scandal, Friends and fat, Acting out. Fat Chance, Hollywood gone wild. All this hosted by Geraldo Rivera on The Big Story yesterday 7/26/07. What I do for you people!!!

FOX promotes The Big Story as " Hard-hitting and insightful, host John Gibson breaks down the day's top stories to bring you the news!" The website promotes tomorrow's episode "Friday, July 27: • Celeb blogger extraordinaire Perez Hilton dishes the dirt on Lindsay, Britney and more!"

Conspicuously missing was any mention of Alberto Gonzales, Karl Rove, Pat Tillman, Iraq (remember Iraq?). It's like we don't even HAVE a government for the fourth estate to watch. Sigh.

It's not just the BS. The FOXNews.com website combined and scorned the Gonzales and Rove stories:


Thanks to Jeff for the screenshot!