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Hannity and Bozell: Only Liberal Journalists Distort The Truth

Reported by Ellen - July 25, 2007 -

Sean Hannity put aside his professor’s and lawyer’s cap, donned earlier in last night’s (7/24/07) Hannity & Colmes, and picked up his editor’s cap in a sudden burst of zeal for journalistic standards. The latest expert opinion from FOX News’ prime time college drop out? That only liberals get away with bad reporting. With video.

The discussion centered around a report that the Weekly Standard has accused The New Republic of fraudulent reporting in a series of disturbing articles about Iraq. According to the facts given in the Hannity & Colmes debate, New Republic is still looking into the matter but Hannity and conservative Brent Bozell, the sole guest, adjudged New Republic guilty as charged, case closed. Nobody mentioned that Weekly Standard is a sister company to FOX News.

Rather than discuss what is really happening in Iraq, Hannity – as he does with nearly every segment – used the discussion to bash the left and hold himself and his cohorts up as its innocent victims.

Bozell agreed, of course. “There is an element on the left that I think is dangerous,” he said. He claimed that the left puts out propaganda like “the stuff the Soviet Union was proud of. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant.” He cited as one of his examples the mainstream media’s reporting on Haditha. Last I checked, the media got it right about that. But Bozell didn’t elaborate and Hannity didn’t ask.

Instead, Hannity was busy holding himself up as the standard bearer for journalistic integrity. “Imagine if Sean Hannity did this or FOX News did this,” he said. "Anybody else – wouldn’t the reaction be a lot different?”

Of course it would, Bozell assured him. “If Rush did it, his career would over in a second.” But, Bozell claimed, “When it comes to the left, they do it with impunity.” Interestingly, Bozell did not make the same claim about Hannity or FOX News – and with good reason, as you’ll see below.

Later, with Alan Colmes, Bozell demanded, “Give me an example, one example, of a right wing journalist doing this kind of thing.”

Colmes cited the right wing conflation of Iraq and 9/11 as a good example.

Here are some more, all of which just happen to involve Edward R. Hannity:

In two Hannity & Colmes discussions, a student protest at a Colorado high school was misrepresented.

On Hannity & Colmes, Hannity three times identified Dr. Bill Hammesfahr, a physician who claimed that Terri Schiavo could be rehabilitated, as having been nominated for a Nobel prize when he had never been formally nominated.

Last week, Hannity misrepresented the change in English schools' curriculum.

Hannity distorted the relationship between presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and his disgraced former partner, Bernard Kerik.

Hannity and Bozell "forgot" that Ann Coulter had ever advocated murder.

Hannity repeatedly lied about Clinton being offered Osama bin Laden "on a silver platter."

Hannity has yet to be held accountable for these distortions, mis-reports and outright lies. In fact, I have yet to hear a retraction on the air from him.