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"Fair and Balanced Journalist" Neil Cavuto Uses Derogatory "Democrat" Term

Reported by Melanie - July 25, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto, the anchor of Fox's "premiere business news" program, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, winked at the radical right today (July 25, 2007) when he used the derogatory and grammatically incorrect word, "Democrat," when referring to the Democratic party. As Media Matters reported last year, "The ungrammatical conversion of the noun 'Democrat' to an adjective was the brainchild of Republican partisans, presumably an attempt to deny the opposing party the claim to being 'democratic.'" It was a bit of an emergency in the eyes of the right at the time, given all the talk about a "democratic Iraq," and, "bringing democracy to Iraq" and all. Wouldn't want the Democratic party to be associated with any of that, now would we?

Anyway, Cavuto used the slur three times during an interview with Treasury Secretary Henry "Hank" Paulson. Here's how it went:

Cavuto (Check out these questions. We heard this kind of crap before the last election -- Republicans are just soooo freakin' good at what they do, Democrats want to hire them too because they don't have anyone in their pitiful party who knows how to do anything.):

Um, you're widely admired in both Democrat and Republican circles Mr. Secretary, and some have actually suggested to me, you know, Hank Paulson is a guy we'd like to see stay on, in a Democrat administration. Would you ever consider that?

Paulson said essentially, "no," and then Cavuto asked his next question:

And if a Democrat president, if it were to happen [I'm surprised Cavuto didn't scream here], were to ask you, Mr. Secretary: You've done a great job, we want you to stay on, we like your ideas, what do you say?

Comment: Yeah, you go Cavuto. Get those "fair and balanced journalism" smears in wherever, however, whenever you can.