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O'Reilly Takes His Viewers To The Dark Side Of The Human Psyche Every Night

Reported by Deborah - July 24, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly offers his viewers a nightly journey into a world filled with only darkness and despair inhabited by the dangerous outsiders plotting to rape your wife, murder your family or blow up your city. Also your children will be encouraged to have sex and take drugs when they go to school or end up exposing themselves on internet videos or worse yet " Girls Gone Wild." The dangers are endless and loyal viewers soon learn from Bill O'Reilly that only he has the solutions to change their grim reality. Tonight's show, 7/24/07, was an accurate example of the O'Reilly Formula for compelling TV.

He likes to set things up with some finger pointing to remind his audience that " they" are up to no good and must be reviled and stopped by any means. Tonight he continued his harrassment of the DailyKos and added Hilary Clinton to the mix."They" are always bad and he and his loyal followers are always good.

Lindsay Lohan was given three segments for the sleaze factor and ratings. He even brought experts on to discuss her self destructive behavior and had his legal duo suggest her sentencing. He topped it off with a body language analysis of her appearance on Ellen where she discussed partying on her 21st birthday.

Violent criminals left to roam our streets by bad judges got two segments. The tragic murder of a Conneticut family could have been prevented if "career criminals" hadn't been given paroles according to BOR. At the end of the show, he read an e mail from a teenage girl saying she was afraid she might be raped if she left her house.

There's always a little sex thrown in and tonight there was yet another "Girls Gone Wild" story with a shot of undulating teenage hips without heads of course for the sake of decency. Usually viewers get the full breast shot with digital pasties but tonight there was a quick tease shot of a teenager about to expose herself.

Then there were two gay jabs thrown in. He had his legal duo analyze a story about an alimony case between a man and his estranged wife who now has a female partner.He also took a little shot at Ellen Degeneres because she was interviewing Lohan in a pajama party setting. He said something about not wanting to know what DeGeneres was " doing in the sack".

comment: This daily diet of fear, served up by Bill O'Reilly and other right wing hate jocks, has been poisoning our culture for too many years. Now that this country is waking up, Bill O'Reilly is trying to regain his power but it's not going to happen.