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Grapevine Whine - Myth of the Liberal Media

Reported by Nancy - July 24, 2007 -

Last night (7/23/07) on the Grapevine segment of Special Report, Brit Hume led off with an entirely typical tidbit that aimed at trashing a member of the so-called "liberal media" & thus reinforcing the myth of the liberal media.

Here's "picking" #1:

The New Republic magazine says it is conducting an investigation into questions about a series of disturbing articles it published supposedly written by a US soldier in Baghdad. The liberal publication is responding to objections first raised by The Weekly Standard — which alerted bloggers who have come up with many skeptical observations. The articles are written under the pseudonym "Scott Thomas" & detail offensive behavior such as one soldier's use of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle to crash through concrete barriers & kill dogs, another soldier's wearing of part of a human skull as a crown & a group of soldiers ridiculing a disfigured woman over a facial injury sustained in an IED attack. Many of these allegations have been challenged as unlikely or impossible by bloggers identifying themselves as troops in Iraq. Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol tells The Washington Post that it appears the articles are frauds and that not one individual has confirmed any part of them. The New Republic says it has corroborated details in the articles with members of the soldier's unit, but continues to look into the matter.

Comments: As always, begin with the language. Despite the fact that this is a very brief mention, who gets more air time? The New Republic & the pseudonymous author are mentioned 3 times; the Weekly Standard & Bill Kristol are also mentioned 3 times. Hume frames this as congrats to his colleague (& not-infrequent guest on Special Report) Kristol as much as he frames it as finger-pointing at the liberal media. Also, please note that even Hume doesn't allege that anyone has yet demonstrated any iota of the series to be false -- only that reactionaries have "come up with many skeptical observations." Hmm. Not quite the same, is it?

Anyone wanna bet whether Brit & Bill will keep us all posted as to the results of this investigation, let the chips fall where they may? No? I didn't think so.

If you'd like to complain to Fox about this, email: special@foxnews.com

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Hume, Special Report, the myth of the liberal media, the series in The New Republic). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.