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Dick Morris: If Hillary Nominated, She’ll Have To Put Obama On The Ticket “Because The Black Community Will Demand It”

Reported by Ellen - July 24, 2007 -

The Democratic presidential candidates debate was analyzed the FOX News way on Hannity & Colmes last night (7/23/07): with conservatives, only, as analysts. Hillary-hater Dick Morris was once again presented as a neutral panelist who just happened to be stridently critical of nearly all the candidates. With video.

Before Morris, there were two other conservatives discussing the debate. First up was "Campaign" Carl Cameron, memorialized in Outfoxed having a cozy chat with George W. Bush in which Cameron explained that his wife was working on the Bush campaign.

Last night, Cameron said that Obama had been "embarrassed" by Hillary Clinton for saying without qualification that he would negotiate with Iran and Syria while Clinton said she would not promise in advance and risk becoming a propaganda tool for, as Cameron put it, “despots around the world.”

"Well," Cameron continued, "It left Obama a little bit exposed and the Clinton campaign tonight is pushing that out aggressively, showing that it illustrates her experience and leadership and experience as opposed to Obama's naivete."

Then came Republican pollster Frank Luntz who did a fairly decent job of keeping his bias out of a focus group of Democratic voters. They overwhelmingly thought Obama won the debate. "Why not Hillary?" Luntz just happened to probe.

By the way, the voters gave a thumbs up to the YouTube format.

Then came Morris, presented as usual as "former Clinton advisor.” Also as usual, nobody mentioned that he most often advises Republicans and that he despises Hillary Clinton to such an extent that he's raising money for a swift boat movie against her and that he has announced he'll leave the country if she becomes president.

Not surprisingly, Morris also declared Obama the winner of the debate. However, Morris was less than glowing in his praise. "I think (Obama's) finally learning to get his act together," Morris said. Morris contradicted Cameron’s assessment of the diplomacy remarks, claiming that Obama “showed greater smarts.” But, moments after Morris acknowledged that Obama was "very effective," he quickly reverted to bashing Clinton. "And I think that Hillary has just been inside for too long."

Naturally, there was lots of criticism of the candidates and their platforms. Morris pointedly remarked to Sean Hannity that none of the candidates talked about terror, "the six-letter word," or the Patriot Act. And Hannity found time to offer Morris a chance to suggest some tough questions that should be asked of Clinton.

During Colmes' portion of the discussion, he noted that the candidates did not choose the subjects but, rather, the YouTube users had. So, Colmes said, the questions on health care, education, the economy and Iraq reflected the issues Americans raised.

Morris answered with a dig at Democrats. "I would seriously doubt that even with a Democratic audience, you didn't get a single question on terror. I would somehow doubt that. I see the fine hand of (unintelligible)."

Colmes moved on to ask Morris about John Edwards.

Morris replied derisively, “I think Edwards, people are just seeing the snake oil salesman." Morris claimed that Edwards "was coming on to the jury. He talks about poverty and he has a house that you can't find your way around… He attacks hedge funds and he works for one… In ‘04 he was a moderate, now he's a leftist."

The only candidate Morris praised wholeheartedly was Joseph Biden who, it just so happens, is one of the few Democrats willing to attend a Democratic debate hosted by FOX News. But Morris didn’t think Biden had a chance of being vice president. “Basically, what's going to happen here is that Hillary, if she's the nominee, is going to have to put Obama on the ticket because the black community will demand it.”

The video below is from the second part of Morris' appearance.