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Fred Barnes Uses Elizabeth Edwards to Smear Her Husband

Reported by Deborah - July 22, 2007 -

Fred Barnes and Juan Williams discussed the "political punch" of Elizabeth Edwards during the Beltway Boys, 7/22/07. Williams noted that Mrs. Edwards was a major draw mentioning her announcement that she had cancer, her support of gay marriage, confrontation with Ann Coulter and most recently her comment about Hillary Clinton and women's rights.

Barnes responded by smearing John Edwards with charges that he's somehow weak because his wife has her own opinions and he doesn't feel the need to muzzle her. Barnes sneered,

" I always thought he was smarmy. Now he's been emasculated."

Williams gave a quick summary of the candidate's wives. He noted that Michelle Obama has claimed that her husband isn't all that perfect at home. He called Judith Nathan 'the third wife, Ann Romney " the good wife and wondered what beautiful Elizabeth Kucinich is doing with Dennis.

Barnes got in a last jab at Hillary Clinton. " I don't think they were planning to have Bill Clinton campaigning in Iowa. To be out there now raising psychodramas of their marriage." Williams reminded Barnes that Clinton was a very popular president. Barnes muttered bitterly, " Popular but inconsequential".

During the same show Fred Barnes was lamenting the lack of interesting Republican candidates and he seemed very worried.