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College Grads Feel Anxious, Left Out in Bush Economy

Reported by Marie Therese - July 22, 2007 -

Updated. New video added. Last Thursday (July 19, 2007) Republican pollster Frank Luntz made a startling admission to the trio of FOX & Friends hosts. He indicated that there's a new category of angst-ridden voter and it's not the blue collar guy worried about losing his Wal-Mart service job. "... Republicans have to be able to reach out to that economically anxious voter," Luntz said. "I call them the left-behinds. People got college degrees but they don't have the same level of income. They've got to be able to reach out to those people and explain why you're economically progressive but still socially conservative." With video.

It would seem that Luntz has finally figured out what a lot of us have known for a long time - that all the hype about education level is just that - hype. Under the Bush regime, higher education is no longer a guarantee of financial improvement.

American-based multinationals are sending more and more jobs overseas. These are not just low-skilled jobs. They are mid- and high-income positions as well.

The Republican mantra of "let the free market rule" is all well and good, but it only works if all the participants in global trade are equally committed the concept. Such is not the case. China's government controls its currency. European companies impose tariffs.

However, the Republicans have done nothing to protect Americans at all. They've practiced a kind of cockeyed one-sided free trade policy. While the rest of our trading partners pass laws protecting their people, the American government has not enacted corresponding protection for our own producers. Consequently, we're subjected to tainted cat food, dog food, toothpaste, chili sauce, etc. because we import it from other nations that do not have our inspection standards. Our fruit and vegetables come from countries that still allow DDT spraying. As a result states like Washington find that their apple and cherry exports are decimated because they cannot compete.

People like Frank Luntz are merely recording the data and carrying the bad news back to the Republican party. It's not just the unskilled workers who are worried. It's those of us with college degrees. We may just be the 2007 version of the "silent majority."

BONUS VIDEO - Here's what the crew on Cashin' In had to say on July 21, 2007 on the subject of whether or not the stock market affects the daily lives of the average American