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Islamophobe Dennis Prager Brags About Being Tolerant

Reported by Ellen - July 21, 2007 -

Dennis Prager, whose anti-Islamic attacks on Congressman Keith Ellison earned him censure from the United States Holocaust Memorial Council’s Executive Committee, bragged about his tolerance on Hannity & Colmes last night (7/20/07). He was so broadminded, he didn’t even notice when Sean Hannity took a swipe at the “flying Imams” booted off a plane last fall. Open-minded Prager also declared that if he were to be the victim of a terrorist attack, his Arab co-guest and the Democratic Party would be to blame. With video.

Prager, you may recall, alleged last winter that Ellison’s use of the Koran in his ceremonial swearing-in would undermine American civilization and make us more vulnerable to terrorism. As a result, Prager was condemned in an astonishing resolution by the Executive Committee of the US Holocaust Memorial Council. It was astonishing because Prager is a member of that Council. He was appointed by President George W. Bush who refused to remove him.

None of that very relevant background was revealed to the Hannity & Colmes audience last night when Prager appeared as a guest for a discussion of the non-passage of the so-called John Doe amendment which would have granted legal immunity to those who (wrongly, as it turned out) fingered the Imams.

The John Doe amendment was part of a much larger homeland security bill described by the Washington Times as “(adding) personnel, equipment and funding for aviation and surface transportation security and 100 percent screening for cargo on passenger planes and containers. It also redefines how homeland security grants will be distributed.” That sounds pretty important, but to Hannity & Colmes and FOX News, the only part of the bill worth discussing was the loss of immunity to the finger-pointers who caused the imams to be removed from their plane.

“Fair and balanced” FOX News began the discussion with a clip, from a prior Hannity’s America, of several of the passengers accusatively describing the behavior of the imams, thus leaving the audience with the impression that the imams had, in fact, behaved very suspiciously. No clip of the imams denying the allegations (as they have) was shown. Alan Colmes did mention the imams’ side of the story, but briefly and without the drama or time accorded to those in the clip.

Tolerant Prager didn’t wait long before going on the attack against another group of people, this time Democrats. “The Democrats aren’t as serious as Republicans about national security,” he generalized.

In a fit of sour grapes, Prager announced that he would not report any more suspicious behavior “if the Democrats get their way.” Prager pompously added, “and I can afford a lawyer and I am well known and I have credibility. I will not go through the system. Forget it. I will not report.”

Then, as if that broad brush didn’t tar enough, Prager went on to pre-accuse the Democratic Party and the other guest, an Arab, of being to blame for the next terrorist attack. “And if I’m blown up, you can thank the Democratic Party and this gentleman defending the so-called judicial process.”

In other words, Prager would rather allow the country to be attacked by terrorists than to abide by the legal process instituted by our duly-elected government. How very patriotic of him!

In a demonstration of his own mindset, Hannity suggested that the Imams may have deliberately behaved suspiciously in order to gain from a lawsuit. Hannity’s only evidence was that a couple of passengers got that impression from the imam’s behavior.

Surprisingly, Prager didn’t take the bait. But he was nonetheless sympathetic to the suggested smear. In response, Prager proclaimed his tolerance, albeit with another attack on Democrats and the left. “There is no epidemic of Islamophobia in America… I was on a plane from Toronto last week where a Muslim with a Muslim skull cap and a beard, and every possible way looking like a Muslim from Pakistan or anywhere, was coming on my plane. No one did anything because he was just another passenger. We live in a very, UNBELIEVABLY (his emphasis) tolerant country called the U. S. of A. The Democrats don’t believe they live in a tolerant country. They believe, as almost everyone on the left does, that Americans are by and large are bigoted, homophobic, sexist and racist.

No, sir. Not Americans by and large, but you and Hannity have proved your own bigotries beyond a doubt.