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Carl Cameron Reports On Romney's Morals Crusade

Reported by Deborah - July 21, 2007 -

Mitt Romney has leaped on Barack Obama for advocating sex education starting in the primary grades as early as kindergarten. A self righteous Romney, focusing on sex and ignoring the education component, expressed outrage in an effort to recapture the carefully manufactured monopoly on morality claimed by Republicans in the past. His vague and empty rhetoric about cleaning up American morality seemed both regressive and insincere but Cameron tried his best to make Romney into a white knight ready to vanquish evil. 7/20/07

Romney is running an ad called Oceans where he proclaims that American youth are swimming in a toxic sea. In his attacks on Obama he told voters, " We should care less about sex education and more about cleaning up..." He also claimed that Barack Obama is "pretty much alone" in the belief that age appropriate sex ed should begin with 5 year olds.

comment: Mitt Romney's toxic sea has flourished since the so called " moral majority" of the Republican Right started spouting their platitudes about virtue and values. People are seeing right through their hypocrisy with the help of great role models like David Vitter

Perhaps if David Vitter had learned that his sexuality was a normal part of human biology and behavior, he wouldn't have ended up in such a pitiful and demoralizing situation.