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FOX News Tries To Paint Obama As Sex-Ed Fiend

Reported by Ellen - July 20, 2007 -

With all the important issues at stake in the upcoming presidential election, FOX News’ Hannity & Colmes show last night (7/19/07), seized upon Barack Obama’s comments about sex education and did its best to make it seem as though he is intent upon adding Dr. Ruth and Joy of Sex to kindergarten curricula. This, right after The O'Reilly Factor discussed the same "issue." On Hannity & Colmes, guest Ana Marie Cox and Alan Colmes brought home the not-so-titillating reality. With video.

The segment opened with a clip of Obama saying that he supports sex education for kindergarteners. Rather than explain the kind of age-appropriate education Obama was talking about, the clip was followed by another one of Mitt Romney scornfully making it sound as though Obama was trying to teach sex. “How much age-appropriate sex education is appropriate for a five year old? In my view, zero is the right amount.”

Kudos to Cox for not only explaining quickly and concisely the truth about what Obama supports (not explicit sex education but what is inappropriate touching, e.g.) but also for immediately telling Sean Hannity that “Five years ago (Romney) signed a Planned Parenthood questionnaire saying that he agreed that there should be age-appropriate sex education for kindergarteners.”

Hannity sputtered but let her continue.

The news that Romney had previously agreed that there should be age-appropriate sex education in public schools came out before the Hannity & Colmes segment. Forbes, for example (a FOX-friendly publication) published the AP story with that information at 6:09 PM ET, almost three hours before Hannity & Colmes went on the air.

Nevertheless, the banner across the screen during the Obama discussion read, “Obama’s sex-ed for kindergartners comment stirs controversy.”

Rather than debate Obama’s ideas, the other guest, conservative Betsy Hart, wasted little time changing the subject to bashing public schools by free associating that Obama’s program could lead to telling kids there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. “I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t want the kindergartener teacher telling my kindergartener that there wasn’t a Santa Claus. Stay out of it. I want my kids to believe in the Easter bunny.” Something tells me this is an all-purpose, smear-public-schools line she has used before.

Colmes asked Hart, “If I could show you an empirical study that showed that these kinds of programs helped reduce pedophilia, for example, would you then agree that it’s a good idea?”

Hart paused, obviously nonplused. In a condescending voice, she said, “You know, Alan, I think you would have to be very careful to what kind of a study you’re talking about and who your control group is and what problems you might be creating.”

Colmes interrupted her. “You’ve already decided you’re not going to believe it,” he observed.

Hart then went off on another condescending tangent in which she claimed that the way to teach children about abuse is to instruct them that nobody should tell them to keep anything from their parents.

Cox got the last word in the discussion. “Child predators really prey on the ignorance of children. And the kind of education that Obama’s supporting is something that would actually put weapons in the hands of children in the form of knowledge.”