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O'Reilly suggests invading Pakistan only way to get Al Qaeda

Reported by Chrish - July 18, 2007 -

In his Talking Points Memo last night 7/17/07, Bill O'Reilly shifted the onus of getting Al Qaeda onto the Democrats:

"Talking Points" believes both the right and the left are playing games to some extent. Certainly, Al Qaeda remains dangerous, but the only way to hit them is to invade Pakistan. Do the Democrats want to do that?

Comment: After six years of "fighting them over there" (Iraq), Al Qaeda has been assessed to be strong and growing, headquartered in another country entirely. According to the Bush administration's own overheated rhetoric, any country that harbors terrorists is "against us." As with most unreasonable talking points, Bush is now faced with the unpleasant prospect of following through and attacking our nuclear-armed "ally," or doing nothing (again, still) about finishing off perpetual enemy number one. Ironically, he's stuck between Iraq and a hard place. What to do?

Blame Democrats for being weak on terror, of course. Bill O'Reilly is happy to oblige.