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Gibson: Hillary Clinton has to be a man to run

Reported by Chrish - July 18, 2007 -

Another sly (unserious, one hopes) attack on Hillary Clinton's sexuality today 7/18/07 on the Big Story, as host John Gibson said that Elizabeth Edwards was essentially saying that Hillary Clinton "is a man." Of course, she said no such thing and FOX just wants to foment some faux scandal, evidenced by the banner that ran under most of the segment with right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham: "Political Girlfight." How can Ingraham in good conscience be party to a discussion that only serves to belittle women?
With video, below.

According to Gibson, Edwards "attacked" Hillary Clinton for not coming up with a universal health plan but said she understood the challenges Clinton faces running for president, saying

"Sometimes you feel you have to behave as a man and not talk about women's issues. I'm sympathetic she wants to be commander-in-chief."
Gibson claimed to be perplexed and said "Edwards is essentially saying is that Hillary Clinton is a man. She's been acting like a man, and she has to be a man to run." He was grinning and Ingraham feigned horror at him saying that, on FOX News.

Ingraham thinks bottom line, it's good for Hillary, that this characterization will help her court moderate voters who might be concerned she'd "get all bolloxed up in women's issues" and be going back on the women's feminist train, which has long since crashed.

Yet moments later she said she thinks it's odd that at this point in our political history we even have to have this conversation; who cares if it's a woman or a man, as long as (s)he represents America's interests?

Ingraham denied Gibson's claim that Edwards is siccing his wife on people as an attack dog, "his Dick Cheney, if you will," as Elizabeth has been part of his campaign all along, as footage of Edwards combing his hair filled half the screen. They agreed that the "poverty tour" is not gaining any traction, reporters are not giving it a lot of coverage, and Edwards is focusing on poverty (not because it's an important issue that he's passionate about but) because the Iraq war doesn't do anything for his campaign.

Next up on fair and balanced FOX, james Carville will be the sole guest to discuss Mitt Romney's hair, wife, and issue - whatever it is. Mwahahaha.