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Brit Hume Briefly Mentions Iran-US Talks, Then Runs Another "Bomb Iran" Story

Reported by Marie Therese - July 18, 2007 -

During yesterday's edition of Special Report, Brit Hume made a very cursory announcement about the possibility of direct talks to be held in Baghdad between the United States and Iran. Iran has indicated its willingness to attend such a meeting. Immediately afterwards, Hume introduced a report by Reena Nina, saying "At the same time, some Israelis are talking about putting sanctions on Iran to deter the country from further efforts to develop a nuclear weapons. And ,they say, if you really want to hit Iranians hard, put an embargo on their oil imports." After this he cut to a prepackaged report by FOX Middle East correspondent Reena Ninan that ended with these words: "And if sanctions aren't effective, Israel hasn't ruled out a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities." With video.

It is so typical of FOX News to give lip service to the really big news, i.e. the fact that for the first time in six years, the State Department has verified that it is willing to hold direct sit-down talks with Iran, while giving the lion's share of the air time to "experts" who seem to want war, war and more war.

On FNC, sometimes it's better to look at the time allotted a subject, rather than the subject itself, to see how "fair and balanced" the reporting is.

Hume devoted 16 seconds to the positive news about direct talks.

He allotted 2 minutes and 55 seconds for Ninan's anti-Iran hit piece.

Now, which point-of-view do YOU think FOX management favors?