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Bill O'Reilly "Clarifies" His Comments About Jet Blue and DailyKos

Reported by Deborah - July 18, 2007 -

During the Dennis Miller segment tonight on The Factor, O'Reilly displayed a letter he recieved today from Jet Blue Airlines supposedly asking him to clarify his comments about the airline's relationship with DailyKos. According to BOR, they wanted the public to know that they were sponsoring the DailyKos convention but not the website. O'Reilly called himself " the great clarifier" and then took the opportunity to rehash the smear from 7/16.
Video added 7/19

O'Reilly announced that he asked Jet Blue if they were doing anything for the military assuring viewers he would inform them about Jet Blue's response. Miller made some cryptic comments about Jet Blue's poor business judgement but didn't jump on DailyKos prompting Bill to continue mouthing off to get some back up from Miller.

This time, striving for balance, he said " hate from the left and right" before he made his KKK/Nazi analogy. Then he made it clear that he was only talking about DailyKos repeating the death wish comments for Tony Snow and Dick Cheney that he used to inflame viewers on Monday.

Miller claimed he reads DailyKos and argued that people should be able to say whatever they want. BOR was on his ivory pedestal claiming, " I'm a free speech guy" telling Miller that hate speech is criminal and " they traffic in it."

Now that's a Bill O'Reilly style clarification. Certainly, the folks at Jet Blue are feeling much better now.