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O'Reilly & Friends Gossip About Michael Moore and John Edwards

Reported by Deborah - July 17, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers have turned their weekly segment on The O'Reilly Factor into a polished act for viewers. Like a primetime snippet of Fox & Friends, nasty smears are disguised in the jovial chit chat. It's just Bill, Michelle and Kirsten indulging in everyone's secret guilty pleasure, a down and dirty gossip session. Last night's victims, once again, were Michael Moore and John Edwards.

O'Reilly and his back up duo had a few chuckles at Moore's expense speculating that Moore was using the CNN for publicity. Malkin was feeling oh so cool and in the blogosphere loop explaining to Bill that Moore is a " troll" adding there's a saying " dont feed the trolls". Bill was very amused but scolded his friend when she commented that Moore looks like a troll. He thought that was simply too mean for his warm and fuzzy show.

Powers claimed she didn't like the idea of government run healthcare but she liked the idea of some subsidies. BOR concurred and teased his little friend that the trolls would be after her for agreeing with him. With disdain in her voice, she said they already are.

On to John Edwards who O'Reilly claimed was on a " poverty tour" in New Orleans. He suggested that Edwards move all the poor people to his mansion. Powers got a little feisty then arguing that rich people can help the poor too. O'Reilly used his ridiculous line about how Edwards tells them " the system is rigged" and that makes him ineligible to help.

Here's what the Times Picayune reported about John Edwards visit. O'Reilly doesn't like to offer viewers any real information about his gossip victims. It could ruin the fun.

"Edwards' tour this week is meant to echo the historic 1968 poverty tour made by then-presidential hopeful and senator Robert Kennedy. Today, Edwards begins his morning with the ABC-TV program "Good Morning America," broadcast live from the Cabildo, and will visit Kingsley House and Cafe Reconcile before he leaves for Canton, Miss. During the New Orleans leg of his tour, Edwards will focus on the sluggish pace of recovery, the need for good jobs and solid infrastructure, and ways to keep the city safe, both from hurricanes and crime.

Before the tour, he outlined a recovery plan that includes calling on the U.S. Veterans' Administration to build a new hospital downtown -- something city officials see as vital to sparking economic recovery -- and proposing a jobs program to help 50,000 Gulf Coast residents gain work skills.

This was Edwards' sixth trip to New Orleans, and seventh to Louisiana, since Katrina hit in August 2005, his campaign said."

It's interesting to note that earlier in the show he raved about how The Daily Kos supposedly wished that Tony Snow would die yet had no problem with Dick Morris' claim that Edwards had his wife call Ann Coulter so people would remember she had cancer.

While BOR was smearing him, Moore had called a truce with CNN and apologized to Wolf Blitzer. Here's Moore's letter about the truce. Wonder if O'Reilly will talk about it tonight?