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FOX News’ And Hannity’s Obsessive Clinton Disorder

Reported by Ellen - July 17, 2007 -

Last night (7/16/07) on Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity gleefully resurrected the Clinton rape charges. With bullyboy braggadocio, Hannity blustered as though he were breaking an exclusive news story. Meanwhile, FOX News viewers were never told that the guest, Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien, shown on film confronting Al Gore and Hillary Clinton on the subject was no average citizen, as she was portrayed, but a conservative Republican activist with a long history of anti-Clinton crusading. Alan Colmes made a very apt analogy between Juanita Broaddrick and the Duke rape accuser but, unlike in the Duke rape case, Broaddrick’s inconsistencies were not even acknowledged by hypocritical Hannity. Video after the jump.