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Cavuto Mentioned John Edwards' $400 Haircut Twice Yesterday, But Said Nothing About Mitt Romney's $300 Makeup Job Today

Reported by Melanie - July 17, 2007 -

Yesterday, Fox's "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, devoted nearly a third of his show to bashing John Edwards. Cavuto pointed out that Edwards is leading the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and twice he drew attention to Edwards' legendary $400.00 haircut. Cavuto insinuated that Edwards is a hypocrite because he is rich, yet he's campaigning on behalf of the poor. (Apparently rich people aren't supposed to care about poor people and in Cavuto's world they probably don't.)

I watched Cavuto today (July 17, 2007), waiting for him to mention that Mitt Romney is leading the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and for him to draw attention to the $300.00 Romney spent on a makup job and maybe the $31,500 he shelled out to rent Boston's Fenway Park to host a barbecue. After all, if Cavuto used a little imagination, which he seems to have in abundance when it comes to sliming Democrats, he could surely draw some sort of nasty correlation between Romney's spending and the fact that he has cast himself as, "a fiscal conservative, vowing to limit government spending and veto excesses." But no. Republican water boy Cavuto, who hides behind that bogus "fair and balanced" slogan and makes a mockery of the journalism profession as well as of "business news," didn't say a word.

There's always tomorrow. I'll be watching and I'll keep you posted.