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FOX Contributor Lights Cigarette, Smokes During Discussion on Health Care

Reported by Marie Therese - July 16, 2007 -

During the Saturday July 14th edition of Cashin' In, the ever obnoxious Jonathan Hoenig shocked fellow panel members when he lit a cigarette during a discussion on proposed Congressional legislation that would tax tobacco products to cover the costs of health care for children. Hoenig made the argument that smokers only hurt themselves and they personally bear no responsibility for the health and well-being of any sick children. Of course, it must have slipped Hoenig's mind that we all pay for smoking-related illnesses with higher and higher medical costs and health insurance premiums! With video.

When FOX News host Terry Keenan asked Hoenig if he was willing to pay more for a pack of cigarettes to cover the cost of health care for kids, he responded: "Smoking is a legal activity - no, in fact ..." At this point he pulled out a cigarette and a lighter, lit up, then continued "A lot of people find it to be a very pleasurable activity and it harms nobody but the smoker. And what's immoral is to make anybody pay for kids' health care except for their parents. This is just another example of the nanny state run horribly amok. Lucky Strike means good tobacco." He later added that "you're basically saying a kid has a right to health insurance more than an adult, a realized adult, a tax-paying adult has a right to smoke a pack of cigarettes."

Notice how, by the end of the segment, discussion of a straightforward Senate proposal to tax tobacco to care for children's health care mysteriously changes into a discussion calculated to scare the FOX viewers into believing that the government is going to tax them because they're fat, smoke or are addicted to sugar.