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Bill O'Reilly Claims People Choose Flat-Screen TVs Over Healthcare

Reported by Deborah - July 15, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly will do almost anything to discredit Michael Moore's, Sicko with the exception of actually discussing the movie as if he had actually bothered to see it. In his weekly column, called Socializing With Socialism, O'Reilly tries to turn Moore into the enemy and as always tries to make our healthcare problems a political issue. He opens his column with this.

"No question that the chaos in Iraq has emboldened the far-left in America.They now have some momentum and are on the march not only over the war, but also about introducing a bit of socialism into mainstream America."

Calling Moore " the point man for socialized medicine", Bor immediatly brands him unamerican for going to Cuba. O'Reilly doesn't mention that Moore took the 9/11 first responders for treatment to show how horrible it is that they have been refused treatment in this country because they are uninsured.

"Right now the point man for socialized medicine is Michael Moore, whose new movie says Cuba is a great place for medical treatment. Unless, of course, you dissent from Fidel. Then you might not have to worry about medical treatment because you could be dead.
In the making of his movie, Moore took his cameras to Cuba but, alas, failed to mention that, according to The World Health Organization, the health system in the USA is better than in Fidel's socialist paradise. I'm sure Moore's oversight was accidental."

In fact Moore plainly acknowledged that both Cuba and the USA were down on the list. The U.S. ranked #37 and Cuba #39 and were plainly shown on the screen. This can be checked out on Michael Moores website. So either O'Reilly has horrendous fact checkers, went to see Sicko and forgot his glasses or he chose to lie.

It's interesting to note that although BOR attacks Moore for criticizing the U.S., he does it himself claiming that " the feds" are too incompetent to run a healthcare system.

"Since the federal government is even having trouble issuing passports to the folks this summer, I am not real optimistic about the feds making sure my health is top notch or instituting any other massive program. Call me crazy."

He acknowledges that a large marjority of Americans think we all have a right to healthcare and admits that there should be a " safety net" for people too poor to pay for insurance. However, he makes a really outrageous and nasty comment illustrating how he really feels about people who can't afford the costs.

"The statistics show that 15% of Americans lack medical insurance and some of those simply would rather buy a flat-screen TV than spend money on insuring their health."

O'Reilly avoided a major part of Moores message dealing with the people who do pay their premiums but still get shafted by their providers. He was quite sure not to mention all the people Moore has helped through Sicko. Here's one example.

Here's another article about a journalist without insurance who is forced to find a way to cover the war in Afganistan with a serious hernia. After he asked to pay for an operation with an installment plan and was refused, he covered the war with a belt he found on E-Bay.

comment:It seems that Bill O'Reilly is once again using his media reach to sucker the masses into believing his propaganda. He's afraid that people will band together to work on this issue and one thing BOR can't tolerate is unity.